Friday, March 06, 2009

Nearly Spring.

Spring break is upon us and so far Mother Nature has been kind. We've had breaks where the University "closed" just as students were heading towards the doors (and the airport.) In the past 25 years I've lived here more breaks have been snowed out than have been warm and sunny.

You tell the difference in the weather in the few feet I have to walk from the house to the car. The sun is up. My cospe of trees is alive with morning calls. The air is sweet. No wonder we romanticize spring.

On campus, my building is near the Mini-dome which is a quonset hut big enough to hold the football field. Patroling in front this noon was a Buteo and another was perched on top of the dome probably 7 or 8 storeys up. They have no chance at finding something to eat in front of the dome but I bet the view is great.

The bird sightings are beginning to roll in. Check the link in the title at the top of this page for more what the members have been seeing in the area. Google maps "watauga lake" for a good starting point.


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