Saturday, February 27, 2010

almost Spring?

It's still early Spring in east Tennessee. Today is cold and brisk and a reminder we're only at the end of February. "March out like a lion" is still to come but traditionally, or at least from 25 years of living in these parts, we're due another good snow in March offset by some very fine weather the rest of the time. Any snow won't last. Today, I noticed my daffodils in the flower bed are decidedly ready to bloom and on campus I saw a tree full of Cedar waxwing.

I can remember not too many years ago we had deep snow the Friday before Spring break that cancelled flights in and out of Tri-cities for three days or so. Really messed up a bunch of students' plans to fly south and escape this crazy weather. By the weekend at the end of break, I was on the road to Blacksburg and you'd never known we had a foot of snow except for the downed trees.

After March, we have had the surprise Spring snows. Our neighborhood lost power for a week in one of those freak storms but the overnight lows never got below mid-30s. It was more like camping inside than anything else. Campus stayed open so I could go in and warm up and get some hot water. I used my camp stove to make soup. I read a lot. Went to bed early.

It was very eerie with the power off just how quiet the house is. You don't appreciate that until all the motors and gadgets beep their first breath again.


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