Saturday, January 31, 2015

Birding on a sunny day in late January, 2015.

Today, Saturday, was a light, bright day. I’ve just finished with some cancer treatment on my face so I was to careful about exposure to the sun. We stopped across from Austin Springs this time instead of walking the field in full sunlight. This was only my third serious bird watching foray so far this year.

As the day warmed we saw more vulture and at many of the unfrozen farm ponds we’d find handfuls of geese.

We also hit Bush Hog pond, the pond at West View grade school, toured the burg of Limestone for collared dove, checked out the Ridges Community, and looked for the bald eagle at Winged Deer Park.

For today: Canada goose, pileated woodpecker, mourning dove, starling, crow, mallard, great blue heron, carolina wren, cardinal, blue jay, titmouse, red-bellied woodpecker, mockingbird, red tailed hawk, turkey vulture, black vulture, gadwall, widgeon, song sparrow, northern flicker, robin, bluebird, and meadowlark.

What we agreed we missed most were turkey and harrier. For this time of year and all the open farm lands in western Washington County, these two managed to elude us.

For the record we ate lunch at the Old Pilot Hill General Store (826 Snapp Bridge Road, Limestone, TN 37681). Bring cash. Wednesday through Saturday, lunch and supper. Bring cash!


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