Thursday, March 27, 2008

First Signs of Spring?

At the friends of the library board meeting the other day we were all quizzed about our first signs of Spring. I expressed delight in seeing the periwinkle blooming. One other was sleeping with the windows open.

With the sun now getting up when I do, I am anticipating more everyday waking to the chatter of the house wrens that surround my house. They do get to be rather noisy but I like it. In this part of the states, as the summer warms, the mockingbirds will call all night. At fiirst, this seems romantic and goofy as only a mocker would do but try sleeping with this incessant clear call against the very quiet night. Robins are not the first sign of spring in these parts.

I am fortunate enough to also have screech owls in my trees and have heard them early in mornings rather than late at night. I don't recall hearing great horned owls this past winter--which I now regret. We've had GHO in the neighborhood in past summers. One in particular was perched in the oak across the street and I could hear him(?) calling and could clearly see him against the sky. Another was answering from across the street. Pretty the second flew over and joined the first. When I told some of my bird watching club friends, they speculated that the first had been a widower and the second, at minimum, an available female.

I am ready for towhee, white-throated sparrow, and wrens to start in any time now.